Shelby George- Orlando, Florida Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

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  • Instagram - White Circle

Tayler Buono, "IFHU" music video (2021). Hair/makeup.

Tayler Buono, "My Person" music video (2021). Hair/makeup.

John K, "6 Months" music video (2020). Hair/makeup/grooming,

Tayler Buono, "I Like" music video (2014). Hair/makeup.

Tayler Buono, "What If It Was" music video, Moniker Music (2014).


Vertical Church Band, live DVD, Sony Music (2013). Hair/makeup.

"Got You" short film, Fig Media Group, Chicago (2012). Hair.

Meredith Andrews, "Pieces" music video, Chicago, Warner Music (2013), hair/makeup.

Tayler Buono, "Lucky In Love" music video, Moniker Music (2014).

Makeup. catalog, behind the scenes (2014). Hair/makeup.

Short film, Chicago (2013), grooming.